Enhancing the Corporate Creativity of Technologists | Abstract

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Enhancing the Corporate Creativity of Technologists


India produces more number of technologists than any other country in the world. Though the institutions try to produce employable graduates, the creative quotient of Indian technologists takes a back seat once it comes to problem-solving. The thing is that Indian technologists lack creative traits unlike their foreign counterparts. The creative quotient of a prospective employee determines a lot to the collective corporate creativity. And in one way or other, it indirectly helps in reinvigorating the problem solving ability of technologists. An unflinching passion for the underlying task, together with an intrinsic motivation to top the list is the hallmark of a truly creative technologist.he creative quotient of technologists can be immensely enriched by certain strategies that foster creativity. This paper attempts to give some self-help techniques to enhance the creative problem-solving ability of technologists. The creative techniques listed here immensely provoke divergent thinking, variegated viewpoints and different possibilities. Such strategies help to hone the creative quotient of technologists at any cost. And practicing the techniques then and there will boost the creative intelligence of individual technologists and it will collectively enhance the collective corporate creativity which is the need of the hour

N.Pratheeba, N.Bose

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