Fingerprint Identification System Based On Neural Network | Abstract

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Fingerprint Identification System Based On Neural Network


The purpose of this project is to design and develop a pattern recognition system with using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) that can recognize the type of image based on the features extracted from the choose image. Also I am comparing any two methods of neural network. This system which can fully recognizing the types of the data had been add in the data storage or called as training data. The Graphic User Interface in Neural Network toolbox is used. This is the alternative way to change the common usage of the MATLAB which are use the command insert at command window. From this kind of system, we just need to insert the features data or training data. The recognition done after we insert the test data. The system will recognize whether the output is match with the training data. Then output will produce a kind of graph that describes the feature of the data which is same as the training data.

Mr. Lokhande S.K., Prof. Mrs. Dhongde V.S.

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