Flawless Data Hammering in Videos | Abstract

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Flawless Data Hammering in Videos


The science of securing a data by encryption is Cryptography whereas the method of hiding secret messages in other messages is Steganography, so that the secret‟s very existence is concealed. The term „Steganography‟ describes the method of hiding cognitive content in another medium to avoid detection by the intruders. This system combines cryptography and steganography to encrypt the data as well as to hide the encrypted data in another medium so the fact that a message being sent is concealed. The Data is secured by converting it into cipher text by TDES algorithm using a secret key and conceal this text in another video by steganography method. The communicated data is hidden into the multimedia file using video steganography without losing its perceptible quality using Junk space replacement method thereby quality of the video is not compromised.

B. Almitha Anselin Burna, G. Arul Dalton

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