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Gene transfer technologies to produce recombinant Cyanobacteria


To decipher genetic information, molecular biology has equipped new tools used in trials to improve and reconstruct the evolution and taxonomy of organisms. The avail of molecular methods, in Cyanobacteria, is to study the genotypic relations is a foot. The practicality of macromolecular and chemotaxonomic techniques is scrutinized and their usefulness is guesstimated. The controversial taxonomic problems were solved by using cyanobacterial phylogenetic scheme is based on 16Sr RNA sequence analysis. The morphological features and simple testing methods which are congruent with the genotypic groupings for taxonomic purposes are essential. Genetic engineering has proved to be an important tool in improving various metabolites in Cyanobacteria. It has also contributed in the genetic breeding of Cyanobacteria to obtain highly productive strains. The molecular biology aspects can also be applied to engineer the Cyanobacteria for enhancement in the area of biofuel production. For desirable biotechnological applications of Cyanobacteria, the Genetic tools are crucial.

Veena Dalavai, Paramageetham Chinthala*, Prasada Babu Gundala

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