Genotoxic Effect of Narcuss tazetta Extracts on Vicia faba Seeds and in Some Organs on Mice | Abstract

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Genotoxic Effect of Narcuss tazetta Extracts on Vicia faba Seeds and in Some Organs on Mice


In present study evaluated the genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of the crude aqueous extracts of Narcuss tazetta on the Vicia faba L. seeds after storage for one, three and six months. In the first experiment, the Narcuss tazetta extracts caused losing in the mitotic index accompanied with considerable percentage of chromosomal aberrations. These abnormalities include stickiness, disturbed chromosomes, bridges, lagging chromosomes and micronuclei. The percentage of inhibition of germination reached to 26.37 % after storage for six months but reached to 63.33 % after storage for one month. The value 7.44% lowest mitotic index was recorded after treated with narcuss extracts storaged for one month. The mitotic inhibition in six months were lower than one and three months. The degree of limit mitotic inhibition reached to 23.14 %, 14.36% and 13.45% after treated with narcuss extract and storage for one ,three and six months. In the second experiment, the cytogenetic effects of extracts Narcuss tazetta residues in Vicia faba seeds after stored for six months was evaluated in Siwiss mice.The studies included chromosomal aberrations analysis in bone marrow , spleen and spermatocyte cells. The results demonstrated that the cytogenetic effects induced in different mice tissues by extracts Narcuss tazetta residues and increased with increasing the feeding periods. Feeding mice with stored seeds of Vicia faba for six months had significant effect for the induction of chromosomal aberrations . The percentage of chromosome aberrations reached 10.4±0.84, 11.4±0.77 and 10.2±0.70 (P<0.01) in bone marrow, spleen and spermocytes cells respectively after feeding mice for three months. the abnormalities in spermatocytes was significant increase in univalent formation only,predominantly of the sex chromosomes.The obtained results indicate that extracts Narcuss tazetta residues in stored Vicia faba seeds have potential geneotoxic effect in mice under the conditions tested. These results indicated that the narcuss extracts had a genotoxic effects on germination, mitotic division in plant and bone marrow, spleen and spermatocytes cells in mice.

Fawzia I. Mohamed, Zeinab M. El-Ashry, Kowser M. El- Sherbeny, Aziza A.Ibrahem

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