Grid Job Scheduling - A Detailed Study | Abstract

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Grid Job Scheduling - A Detailed Study


The emergence of Grid Computing has created new opportunities to support compute and/or Data intensive scientific applications, which, among other, may have large computational resource requirements. One motivation of Grid computing is to aggregate the power of widely distributed resources, and provide non-trivial services to users. To achieve this goal, an efficient Grid scheduling system is an essential part of the Grid. Various Grid scheduling algorithms are discussed from different points of view, such as static vs. dynamic policies, objective functions, applications models, adaptation, QoS constraints, and strategies dealing with dynamic behaviour of resources, and so on. Based on a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and the state of the art of current research the job scheduling algorithms are compared and contrasted based on the make span, flow time, resource utilization and completion time.

Er. Vijay Dhir, Dr. Rattan K Datta, Dr.Maitreyee Dutta

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