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Health Care System Response to Cardiovascular Diseases, Trends from 2010-2018: Can Ethiopia Achieve 2025 Global Voluntary Targets for Non-Communicable Diseases from Cardiovascular Diseases Perspective? Explanatory Review of Available Literatures


Introduction: Cardiovascular diseases/CVDs are the 4th leading case of morbidity and mortality in Ethiopia. Globally nations have set nine voluntary targets that are attainable and can improve non-communicable disease/NCD related outcomes. This review was conducted to evaluate the health system response to CVD prevention and control from 2025 global NCD voluntary targets perspective and recommend the relevant stakeholders to act on un addressed areas. Method: We have reviewed the all relevant literatures online, national and international guidelines; treatment protocols; conference proceedings from year 2010 to 2028 by using the following search terms ‘Non-communicable diseases, Cardiovascular disease; global burden of diseases; prevalence of CVDs; cardiovascular diseases and associated factors; hypertension, best buys and healthcare system and CVDs, Primary care and CVDs and affordability and availability of medicines and chronic care and social determinants of CVDs. Findings: Concerning mortality target which is a 25% relative reduction in risk of premature mortality from CVDs and diabetes, the Probability of dying from CVDs prematurely and death attributed by CVDs have increased by 15% and 80% from the baseline respectively. Both diabetes and obesity were increased in past 9 years. Only 11.5% of risk population were receiving any drug therapy and counseling to prevent heart attacks and strokes in 2016. The availability of essential drug was low, drugs were unaffordable and out of pocket payments were high. Conclusion: Less than one third of the targets are on the way and promising to be achieved in the due date with current trend of healthcare. Therefore we recommend all stakeholders to give emphasis on: Improving best buys implementation; strengthening the primary care system; Improving access and affordability of essential drugs; Initiating community screening service to initiate drug therapy early and reduce morbidity and mortality from CVDs and Improving health taskforce number and capacity and financial risk protection.

Mende Mensa Sorato*, Majid Davari, Abbas Kebriaeezadeh

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