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Case Report Open Access

Intra-Hepatic Splenosis With Cavernous Splenic Hemangioma in a Post Splenectomy Patient: A Case Report


An Intrahepatic mass was found in a 65 year old Chinese female who came to our center for a routine ultrasound exam. MRI showed a lesion in her left lobe of the liver. Surgical records revealed a history of splenomegaly in conjunction with cirrhosis due to hepatic schistosomiasis, for which she underwent surgery (splenectomy) at age 20. On abdominal computed tomography scan, a 4.2 × 5.6 cm sized focal bulging mass at the left lobe of the liver was noted occupying segments 2 and 3 (Couinaud classification). A partial hemi resection of the liver segments 2 and 3 was performed under laparoscopy and specimen was sent for pathological analysis. Frozen intraoperative section confirmed splenic tissue as opposed to liver tumor. Further pathologic assessment revealed normal splenic tissue adjacent to liver tissue with a cavernous hemangioma and small focal necrotic lesions. The patient was diagnosed with hepatic splenosis with cavernous hemangioma within the spleen. The spleen was reported functional on histochemical analysis.

Kwabena Gyabaah Owusu-Ansah, Zhiwei Li, Bei wang, Jian Wu and Shu-sen Zheng*

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