IPTV in VANET’s with WiMAX Access Network | Abstract

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IPTV in VANETís with WiMAX Access Network


The IPTV in VANET’s with WiMAX access network is presented in this paper. The vehicular IPTV service can be provided using WiMAX access network. The internet protocol television services as an entertainment application over VANET’s is play very important role in the future of intelligent transportation systems and vehicular infotainment systems. IPTV service over VANETs is an attractive system to many IPTV service providers by transmitting television programs through IP-based wireless networks during car journey.The Mobile WiMAX End-to- End Network Architecture is based on an All-IP platform and it has all packet technology with no any legacy circuit telephony. This is explained in this paper. The IP-based WiMAX architecture has ASN and CSN is also described in this paper.

Dr.Prakash.H.Patil, Sheetal.S. Kokare

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