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Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Cellulose-Degradation Bacteria from Fresh Cow Dung and Fermentation Biogas Slurry


Two new isolates designated strain MY6 and strains FY2 were isolated from the mixture of fresh cow dung and fermentation biogas slurry, which were found to be potential cellulase producers. On the basis of cellular morphology, physiological and chemotaxonomic characteristics and similarity of 16S rDNA gene sequences, the former was confirmed as Stenotrophomonas sp., while the latter was identified as Bacillus cereus sp. Key fermentation factors including culture time, initial pH and culture temperature for cellulase production were optimized using single factor experiments for the two strains. The endoglucanase (CMCase) activity of MY6 was increased by 200.74% and reached 137.36 U/ml under the optimized conditions (cultured for 48 h at pH7.0 and 40°C with shaking at 160 rmp); while the activity of FY2 was enhanced by 150.61% and achieved 177.58 U/ml under the optimized conditions (cultured for 48 h at pH7.0 and 45°C with shaking at 160 rmp). The effects of four native lignocellulosic feed stocks on CMCase activities were compared. The results showed that cellulase from strains MY6 and FY2 were similar in cellulose degradation and the activity was strongest for filter paper, then for degreased cotton, straw powder and sawdust as substrates. These findings indicated that high cellulose concentration used as carbon sources could promote the generation of CMCase.

Zhou Hong-li, Yang Xiao, Xiong Dong-mei, Zeng Lu, Tian Kai-zhong, Xiong Xing-yao, Liu Yun, Su Xiao-jun

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