Localisation of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Adhoc Networks | Abstract

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Localisation of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Adhoc Networks


In this age of significant telecommunications competition, mobile network operators continuously seek new and innovative ways to create differentiation and increase profits through the delivery of highly personalized services. One of the most powerful ways to personalize mobile services is based on location. Localisation is a key to provide location based services (LBS) to the user because the location information is typically useful for coverage, deployment, routing, location service, target tracking, rescue operations and location based advertisement. One of the most obvious technologies behind LBS is positioning, with the most widely recognized system being the Global Positioning System (GPS).To get the location coordinates, the proposed system is using GPS and auto tracking. A mobile client application which consists of a windows mobile and GPS receiver finds the location of the user. In order to share this location the mobile client sends this location coordinate to the server from where other users can get this location information if only they have the authentication provided by the user.

N.Suvedha, S. Hariganesan

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