Low Pressure High Torque Quasi Turbine Rotary Air Engine | Abstract

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Low Pressure High Torque Quasi Turbine Rotary Air Engine


This paper discusses concept of Quasi turbine (QT) engines and its application in industrial systems and new technologies which are improving their performance. The primary advantages of air engine use come from applications where current technologies are either not appropriate or cannot be scaled down in size, rather there are not such type of systems developed yet. One of the most important things is waste energy recovery in industrial field. As the natural resources are going to exhaust, energy recovery has great importance. This paper represents a quasi turbine rotary air engine having low rpm and works on low pressure and recovers waste energy may be in the form of any gas or steam. The quasi turbine machine is a pressure driven, continuous torque and having symmetrically deformable rotor. This report also focuses on its applications in industrial systems, its multi fuel mode. In this paper different alternative methods discussed to recover waste energy. The quasi turbine rotary air engine is designed and developed through this project work

K.M. Jagadale , Prof V. R. Gambhire

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