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New Aspects in Chinese Herb Materials Identification by DNA Barcoding


The numerous noxious reactions have overwhelming concerning by misusing medicinal plant ingredients. This phenomenon has aroused the worldwide demand over the safe application in pharmaceuticals. DNA barcoding offers a powerful means to complement morphological and chemical processes for distinguishing Chinese medicinal plants. Consequently, a DNA barcoding system should be continuous renewal containing mass information about authentic plant materials and potentially substitutes or adulterants. Recent accomplishments in the new field of DNA barcoding that provide new aspects for identification Chinese herbal medicines. Several DNA regions (ITS, ITS2, psbA-trnH, rbcL, matK) have been established as the hot topical barcodes for Chinese herb. This review summarizes the significant progresses in the DNA barcoding about Chinese herb material authentication.

Hui GUO, Siyang JIN, Han LIU, Zhenyue WANG

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