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Review Article Open Access

Newer Approaches in the Treatment of Swine Flu


This review article focuses on different aspects such as the history, epidemiology, treatments, and preventive measures of swine flu. This is caused due to H1N1 virus which contains eight strands, one of them is derived from the strains of human flu and 2 are from the strains of avian and the other 5 strands are derived from swine strains. It was Termed as H1N1 flu, which has two main antigens H1 is hemagglutin type 1 and N1 is neuraminidase type 1. A novel drug delivery system is also researched in order to offer the most efficient treatment for swine influenza. This system helps to overcome drawbacks like severe toxicity and hypersensitivity hence is of immense significance in treating swine flu.

Pravin Shende, Dhrumi Patel and Sharon Kotum

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