Non-Linear Time History Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dam by Using SAP2000 | Abstract

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Non-Linear Time History Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dam by Using SAP2000


Dam structures that span navigable waterways are inherently at a risk for seismic vibrations and as such they must be designed to resist these vibrations. However, these earthquake vibrations are fundamentally dynamic in nature and a static analysis procedure may not be adequate in designing hydraulic structures like Dam. Therefore, dynamic analysis methods forestimating the response of a concrete gravity dam plays an extraordinary role.This paper presents the dynamic non-linear time history analysis of a concrete gravity dam by using CSI SAP 2000. A concrete gravity dam model is prepared in SAP 2000 to perform the time history analysis. Concrete gravity dam is a massive structure which retains a very large amount of water on its upstream side and it is very crucial for a dam to survive against vibrations of earthquake. So it is a matter of study to check the behaviour of a dam during and after the application of the loading. Time history is basically a method of seismic analysis for the simulation of an earthquake motion. It is an ultimate tool to study the dynamic response of a structure. This paper gives a step by step procedure to perform the non-linear time history analysis by using time-acceleration data as input function and then performance of the gravity dam is evaluated with various mode shapes and time-acceleration results

Rohan kulkarni, Dr.M.Helen Santhi

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