Optical Fibers - A Boon for Power Transmission | Abstract

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Optical Fibers - A Boon for Power Transmission


In the modern era of science & technology, the transmission of electric power at reduced costs has been a field of great emphasis. As a result, the alternate technology of optical power transmission has been one of the emerging forces in the present times. With hindrances from external electromagnetic fields reduced, more resistance to sparks and network short circuits, lighter than normally used metallic wires and a reduced corrosion level are some of the factors that have made optical power transmission more advantageous and reliable over conventional transmission. This review paper broadly highlights the aspects of transmission through optical fibers and new technologies involved. It gives a brief summary on the powering architectures of optically powered system and the key factors that affect the performance level. Lastly, the prospect of a new developing technology involving micro dispensing and dispensed optical fibers is mentioned. This technology facilitates the direct coupling of fibers and devices.

Satyananda Sarangi

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