Optimal Localization of Iran Khodro Products Agencies in Rasht | Abstract

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Optimal Localization of Iran Khodro Products Agencies in Rasht


Determining the optimum location for the establishment of urban land uses and proper distribution of service centers is one of the main components of in urban planning and the core tasks of urban planners and it is such that all urban residents have access to them easily and this distribution is proportional to population distribution and demand in different regions. Municipal services in most cities, due to the high population density, lack of proper localization, lack of standardized access radius and .... isn’t able to provide services to citizens modestly and balance and this problem is more in the big cities. Iran Khodro agencies in Iran are one of the service centers that we evaluated the status of its establishment in this study. This study was conducted in 2013 in Rasht (Iran) that its method is descriptive - analytic and its type is applied – developed. With regard to scientific criteria and preparing data layers by using AHP model based on GIS environment could do desirable localization for automobile agencies. Research results show that idle land of surrounding urban with consideration of all scientific standards are suitable locations for the construction of new agencies of Iran Khodro, also, due to the issue that scattering current situation in agencies of Iran Khodro is proportional to localization criteria of urban services but some areas of the city is deprived of agency. Thus considering the needs and shortages of the city in a long-term vision, locations in land suitable to surrounding urban was proposed in order to cover city completely.

Seyed Ali Hosseini, Salina Ronaghian, Fatemeh Heydari

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