Optimum Security Technique for Smart Phones | Abstract

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Optimum Security Technique for Smart Phones


Securing mobile and smartphone data is vital issue in the communication industry and schemes that could be used to secure mobiles are not easy to implement and efficient so far. Securing data includes the messaging and additional application services on mobile devices. The applications available in market are not very reliable and surfing from issues of memory and resources. Additionally the security measures provided by smart phones are not enough to maintain the privacy of the data stored on the phone or protect it from falling in the wrong hands in case of mobile theft. Currently the security on smartphones is generally based on passwords and only effort made to secure the passwords is removing the dependency of characters and numbers. Due to the lack of security in small devices the need of proper security of data is required. The method that is able to secure data in efficient way and very hard to cheat other than the passwords, can be found by applying cryptography encryption algorithms. These encryption algorithms are very easy solutions to secure the data and as well not easy to break the security. There are two types of encryptions i.e. symmetric and asymmetric, in which the asymmetric cryptography encryption is better as it do not play with the security of data by using only one sided key because one sided keys are generally used in less secure areas. There are products available in market based on encryption but even those products are based on symmetric cryptography encryptions and we found that asymmetric cryptography algorithms are more secure to deploy on smartphones additionally we found that among them only one algorithm is powerful enough to deploy on these devices. These findings are based upon the comparison of algorithms in terms of memory and resources because most asymmetric encryption algorithms need large memory and heavy processor to use resources. We finally found that Elliptic curve cryptography algorithm is best among them to deploy on mobile devices as they have limited memory and resources.

Renu Rani,Dr.Renu Bagoria

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