Organizational Culture and Climate | Abstract

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Organizational Culture and Climate


The organizational climate and culture are the powerful tools that have tremendous effect on the morale, performance and job satisfaction of the employees in any organization. The climate and culture play a vital role in an organization as these are usually associated with the perceptions, ideas, values, beliefs and most importantly the behavior of its employees. A sound organizational culture and climate encourages a cooperative attitude towards their work, which is most essential for the organization in the task of achieving its goals and objectives that also benefit the employees.The organizational culture is a set of important perceptions, notions and behaviors that the members of a community share in common. It consists of a basic set of values, ideas, preferences and ethics, code of conduct, principles and beliefs, reinforced by logical expectations and assumptions as well as responsive attitudes and ethical norms which create distinctiveness among human groups. Similarly, in an organization, the perception and behavior are shared by the members. Culture is a pattern of basic assumptions which are conceptualized and developed by people. In this process of emergence of culture, the organizational climate, known as the "Situational Determinants" or "Environmental Determinants" has a significant impact on the human behavior interchangeably. According to Bowditch and Buono, "Organizational culture is connected with the nature of beliefs and expectations about organizational life, while climate is an indicator of whether beliefs and expectations are being fulfilled." It is a manifestation of the attitudes of organizational members towards the organization.Culture and climate are the vital requisites and are inherent in the life of every organization that not only achieves its own goals and objectives but also benefits the employees' working in it. According to Campbell, organizational climate is "a set of attributes specific to a particular organization that may influence the way that organization deals with its members and its environment. For the individual members within the organization, climate takes the form of a set of attitudes and expectancies which describe the organization in terms of both static characteristics (such as degree of autonomy) and behavior-outcome and outcome-outcome contingencies".

Bharthvajan R

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