Performance Evaluation Of OCC’ed Single-Phase Inverter For Grid Connected PV System | Abstract

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Performance Evaluation Of OCCed Single-Phase Inverter For Grid Connected PV System


Recent years, electricity sector is reforming along with various renewable energy promotion policies has increased the importance of small gridconnected photovoltaic (PV) systems utilizing singlestage single-phase inverters. This paper propose a singlestage inverter with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and one cycle control (OCC) for grid connected (PV) system. This control scheme is based on the output current-adjusting feature of one cycle control. The output current of inverter can be adjusted according to the voltage of the photovoltaic (PV) array so as to extract the maximum power from it. Schemes based on one cycle control (OCC) which do not require the service of a phase locked loop for interfacing the inverter to the grid are increasingly being employed for such applications. However, the OCC-based schemes reported earlier require sensing of the grid voltage which somewhat offsets one of the inherent strengths of OCC-based systems. In an effort to overcome the above limitation, an OCC based grid connected single-stage PV system is proposed in this paper which does not require sensing the grid voltage. Further, it requires less no. of sensors (two) as compared to that required (four) in the earlier reported scheme for the implementation of the core controller comprising of OCC and MPPT blocks. The viability of the proposed scheme is confirm by performing simulation and results validation.

Jaysing A. Kshirsagar, K.Vadirajacharya

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