Physiological Factors Affecting AIA in T2DM and Healthy Controls | Abstract

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Physiological Factors Affecting AIA in T2DM and Healthy Controls


Anti-insulin antibodies (AIA) have been found to be in circulation in normal individuals as well as diabetic patients. AIA are known to affect the physiological function of insulin. This study was under taken to determine the AIA status in normal subjects and in type-II diabetics and to correlate AIA titres with physiological factors like age and BMI. 40 normal individuals (mean age 48.83 ± 8.58) and 80 type II diabetics (mean age 49.86 ± 7.21) were selected from Department of Endocrinology, M.S.Ramaiah hospital, Bangalore. Blood samples were collected from the patients. Plasma glucose levels (FBS, PPBS), HbA1c levels using ELISA method and AIA levels using RIA method were determined. Height and weight of the subjects were recorded and BMI was calculated using standard method. The frequency of AIA positivity in type-II diabetics did not differ significantly from those of normal non-diabetic individuals (6/80 were AIA positive in type II diabetics, 3/40 were AIA positive in normal subjects, p= 0.618). Age, BMI showed negative correlation, as age (p= 0.010) and BMI (p= 0.275) increased AIA titres decreased. There is no significant difference in AIA titers in type-II diabetics and in normal individuals. AIA titer is more in younger and leaner individuals.

Shashikala KT, and G Jaisri

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