Prevention of Accident Due To Drowsy By Using Eye Blink | Abstract

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Prevention of Accident Due To Drowsy By Using Eye Blink


Accident due to drowsy is prevented and controlled when the vehicle is out of control. And also the drunken drive also prevented by installing alcohol detector in the vehicle. The term used here for the recognisation that the driver is drowsy is by using eye blink of the driver. In recent times drowsiness is one of the major causes for highway accidents. These types of accidents occurred due to drowsy and driver cant able to control the vehicle, when he/she wakes. The drowsiness is identified by the eye blink closure and blinking frequency through infra red sensor worn by driver by means of spectacles frame. The alcohol consumption is also verified during the starting process of the vehicle using alcohol detector. If the driver is drunk then the buzzer indicates and the vehicle doesn’t allow the driver to start the vehicle. If the driver is drowsy, then the system will give buzzer signal and the speed of the vehicle is reduced and the obstacle sensor will senses the adjacent vehicle to avoid collision with that, and if there is no vehicle in left adjacent side then the vehicle move to the left end of the road by auto steering and controlling and vehicle will be parked with prior indications.

B.Praveenkumar, K.Mahendrakan

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