QoS Based Bandwidth Allocation for Different Networks | Abstract

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QoS Based Bandwidth Allocation for Different Networks


With the advancement in Internet Technology, human life style is rapidly changing with increasing demand for useful home networking products and their optimal solutions.Availabilty of some crucial factors like consumer electronics, VoIP, multi-user internet gaming, video services etc is major benefit because these factors are contributing at large scale to the increasing need of home networking. In this direction, the establishment of home LANs should be on two distinct Layer 2 technologies, i.e., wired and wireless Ethernet, each of which has variants providing different communication modes and speeds. Apart from high speed internet access, such services will also require a high speed home networking infrastructure that supports QoS. To provide QoS in a network, it is necessary to discover the network topology and available resources. Besides, this paper also discusses and addresses a novel architecture for remote Home Automation Network’s e-Services on an OSGi platform via high speed Internet connections ensuring QoS support. These connections can be ADSL links. Since ADSL is an emerging technology which provides the user of the local loop with broadband speeds, the presence of a signalling mechanism based on RSVP is necessary to maintain the high speed links through the network. Thus, guaranteed bandwidth as well as limited delay advances services can be achieved.

Devendra Singh Bharangar, Virendra Kumar Yadav, Saumya Batham

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