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Review on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Health ailments due to occupational disease spawn by exposure to a work place health hazard. It might be due to job environment and exposure intensity. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a peripheral compression induced neuropathy results due to median nerve intrigue and at the level of the carpal tunnel, delimitated by the carpal bones and by the transverse carpal ligament. Carpal tunnel syndrome is known to be effectuated by the compression of median nerve and the various processes associated with while it progress through the carpal tunnel meagre space. Early detection of pathological changes at a stage when they are reversible is the foremost suggestion is to curtail the harmness originated by occupational disease. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a state in which one of two main nerves gets compressed in the wrist. Subsequently it leads to pain in the hand, wrist and sometimes forearm, and numbness and tingling in the thumb, index and long finger. Sometimes weakness of hand and muscle is observed in certain advanced cases. Interestingly, Carpal tunnel syndrome is highly prevalent in women and old age groups. Numerous people prefer surgery to treat this condition, though intermittently various treatments, such as therapeutic ultrasound are recommended. In this review broad spectrum about environmental aspects and the nature of putative exposures and the strategies which might reduce the burden of the carpel tunnel syndrome are discussed.

R Gowri, N Narayanan, A Maheswaran, S Vedhapal Jeyamani, S Sharmila, K Monica and A Surendhar

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