Review Paper on Simulation Based Casting | Abstract

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Review Paper on Simulation Based Casting


Casting simulation technique widely used in foundries and metal casting industries. Casting simulation simulates the real casting phenomenon and gives a virtual casting process as molten metal flow in mould cavity with respect to time and direction. It shows the virtual process of casting like mould filling, solidification and cooling and also predict the location of internal defects. With the help of casting simulation, casting process method and designs optimization is possible. Casting simulation is used in the production of reliable, economical and high accuracy cast component. Although casting simulation becomes important tool, simulation cannot correct itself existing casting process or design. So for the application of casting simulation experienced and knowledge person required. Reliability of casting component can be improved with the help of casting simulation software. In this review paper, the casting simulation, its importance, types of casting simulation software, application and case study on feeder optimization is described.

Vishal S. Jadhao , Prof. J.J.Salunke

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