Robustic and Resilient Multi Key Security in Image Encryption | Abstract

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Robustic and Resilient Multi Key Security in Image Encryption


In the recent years of plethora of wireless access environment, there exist hackers for electronic eavesdropping and unauthorized accessing of original data. Hence it is indeed important to secure data, exclusively multimedia data includes image and video which may consist of receptive data in the field of defense, politics etc. A better way to protect the data is using a consistent encryption, making it roughly unfeasible for a third party to access data and to provide essential reliability, privacy and endorsement. In this paper, image encryption on a gray scale is performed based on the pixel by pixel approach and block by block approach. Chaotic system is used for its unique characteristics of initial sensitivity which in turn a small variation in initial condition defer extensively diverging outcomes for dynamical systems making prediction impossible. The Chen, Henon and Lu chaotic system are used for enhancing the security by obliging multi key principles. Simulation results show that the system is resistive against various attacks and proves its excelling efficiency. Finally the proposed system is made to endure geometric cryptanalysis for its prioritized performance.

R. Tamijetchelvy, P. Sankaranarayanan, S. Kumudham@Sowdhani, T. Adhithya

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