Security Monitoring Using Embedded Systems | Abstract

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Security Monitoring Using Embedded Systems


The Security monitoring systems today needs to make use of the latest technological components available. In this paper, we present the design and implementation of a security monitoring system based on embedded and zigbee. In this paper there is a centralized control system that is utilized for the purpose of controlling the operations of various devices and equipment. The system presented in this paper is a combination of Zigbee and GSM. PIR, vibration and magnetic contact sensors are installed at windows and doors along with zigbee end devices. Whenever there is an intrusion, respective sensor sends a signal to the ZC using Zigbee communication protocol. The ZC at the control console communicates with MCU using its builtin UART. MCU would in turn access and control the GSM module via AT commands and automatically sends SMS to the owner's mobile phone informing him about the security breach. When the user is at his own premises then traditional alarm mode is used to ensure reliability. When the user is at remote premises, SMS indicating theft has occurred is sent to the owner. Then Smart phones installed with app „free Internet web cam‟ are used as a security camera for monitoring the home. On receiving the SMS, user can make a video call, Smartphone camera will feed us with a live video. On viewing the video the owner can know whether an intruder has entered or not. Then accordingly faint gas valve can be controlled by the owner. In addition the user can also control the door lock.The system is intelligent enough to monitor the secure environment and let the user know about the security breach. Thus the remote user can control his premises from any part of the world.

S. Kanagamalliga, Dr. S. Vasuki, A. Vishnu Priya,V. Viji

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