Significance and Applications of Earth Moving Machinery in Infrastructural Development of a Country | Abstract

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Significance and Applications of Earth Moving Machinery in Infrastructural Development of a Country


Earthwork and earth moving appear to be the most elementary of engineering trades. They certainly are, when only a handful of earth is moved. But when it involves the movement of five to six million cubic meters of earth within a limited space of time they turn out to be highly organized and skillfull trades. Projects be their air ports, Docking yards, Dams, Railways, Roads, Residential Sites, agricultural activities which involves earth movement. The most versatile machine of the earthmoving family is the self track laying tractor fitted with any of its auxiliary equipment. But it has no equal in clearing jungle, dozing earth and rocks and hauling heavy loads over comparatively short distances. For hauling the most efficient are pneumatic tyred wagons. For loading there are draglines, shovels and elevating grades, each one having its advantages over the other. For spreading and grinding the bull dozer and motor grader are the best, for consolidating there is none to beat the sheep foot tamper. The paper explains the structure of each type of earthmoving equipment along with its applications and its significance with their design aspects such as for the Mechanical equipment includes any bulldozer, compactor, dumper, excavator, grader, loader, locomotive, lorry, scraper, truck and any mobile machine which is used for the handling of any material on a construction site. Mechanical equipment includes earth-moving machines. Amongst the listed mechanical equipment, excavators are lifting appliances in the context of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings. The safety systems to the operator as well as the environment is very important for which some safety devices must be provided such as the covers grills, glass windows with that one has to consider the aesthetics and ergonomics should be applied to increase the performance of this machines and loading capacity also.

O. M. Kaulgud, A. A. Kumbhojkar, A. P. Shrotri

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