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Biometric systems have been researched intensively by many organization. It overcomes the conventional security systems by identify ―who you are‖. This paper discusses the current image based biometric systems. It first gives some information about why biometric is needed and what should people look for in biometric systems. Several popular image based biometric systems have been examined in this paper. The technique used in each system for data acquisitions, feature extraction and classifiers are briefly discussed. The biometric systems included are face, fingerprint, hand geometry, hand vein, iris, retina and signature; here also describe the statistical approaches of biometrics. The paper concludes by examining the benefits of multi-modal biometric systems, it is found that there is no one good biometric systems each have its advantages and disadvantages and the performance of each biometric system is summarized.

Sushma Jaiswal, Dr. Sarita Singh Bhadauria and Dr.Rakesh Singh Jadon

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