Study Response of Fixed Base and Isolation Base | Abstract

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Study Response of Fixed Base and Isolation Base


A natural calamity like an earthquake has taken the tolls of millions of lives through out in past. The nature of induced forces due to earthquake is reckless and last only for short duration of time. The base isolation system separates the structure from its foundation and primarily moves the natural frequency of the structure away from the excitation frequency range through its low stiffness relative to that of the upper structure. Hence base isolation allows a design for smaller seismic forces and higher levels of safety compared with the design of fixed-base structures. Instead, a well-designed isolated building will not suffer any important damages even under strong earthquakes and so no repairing works will be needed. In this study, the response of fixed base and isolated base building is to be studied with different techniques and it is to be studied with the suitable software. In this paper the (G+25) storied frame structure is taken to compared with the seismic effect of fixed bas structure with respect isolated structure .the (G+25) storied RCC frame structure is design is design with base isolation by using ETAB software by the lead rubber bearing (LRB) is used as an isolator which having efficient result for RCC frame structure over the fixed base structure the report show that the values for lateral loads come very less by using lead rubber bearing .

Meena Noorzai, M.N.Bajad, Neha Dodal

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