Tackling with Buckling: Force –Heat – Weakness | Abstract

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Tackling with Buckling: Force Heat Weakness


Exploration of canal is first step of endodontic therapy giving a three dimensional picture of canal complexities. The aim was to compare the buckling resistance of endodontic pathfinding instruments. Five groups of endodontic files each containing 10 were tested for buckling resistance by application of load in axial direction using a Universal Testing Machine. The load required to generate a lateral displacement of 1 mm were recorded and analysed for statistical significance. The importance of stainless steel alloy and heat tempering was justification for the results showing higher resistance to buckling for C+ files followed by ProFinder and K-files. Nickel titanium instruments proved to have least resistance to plastic deformation under vertical loads.

Dr. Nikhil Bobade, Dr. Shaikh Shoeb Yakub, Dr. Amit Hemraj Patil, Dr.Pooja Nahata4P.G. Student

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