Test Data Compression Using Soft Computing Technique | Abstract

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Test Data Compression Using Soft Computing Technique


One of the methods to reduce the area and power dissipation is by doing the test data compression scheme using soft computing technique. By doing the soft computing the area minimization can be achieved. The soft computing is the term applied for solving the NP complete problems. The main objective is to reduce the amount of test data that is applied to DUT. Generally, a circuit or system consumes more power in test mode than in normal mode. This extra power consumption can give rise to severe hazards in circuit reliability or, in some cases, can provoke instant circuit damage. To overcome this drawback the compression is applied to the input i.e. when the amount of data is compressed area minimization is achieved. The type used in this compression is lossless compression which means when the data are compressed there will be no loss of information. When processed in the logic block the compressed data is decompressed and each and every data are processed and are provided in the output. The algorithm used in this project is an image compression algorithm used to achieve data compression. In this algorithm we are going to use two matrices BM Binary Matrix and GSM Grey scale matrix.

V.Mohanadas, Ms.T.Thangam

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