The Role of NGOs in Consumer Protection | Abstract

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The Role of NGOs in Consumer Protection


In the encroachment of life human race has emerged as the most dominating creature on this earth. The story starts with the apes turning into homosapians giving birth to human civilization . Any civilization requires a system giving space and generating place for everything .With the passage of time human has been generating commodities providing comforts to his life .With the enormous development man has tried his hands in every sector .In the present time human has made his life more and more relaxed creating more pressure on the modes of production .Earlier it was nature based but now it is demand based. Population increase has created more pressure on the production .As a result the whole system has been affected with the overflow of money and consumerism .Whether it is a need or a greed these production scatter life are continuing the demands of the society .It has been become essential to put a check on the movement of all the commodities to check consumerism and make consumer protection laws. The role of Government and Non Government organizations (NGO’s) to execute these laws is mandatory. Against this backdrop the present paper is an attempt to examine the role of NGO‟s in protecting and executing consumer laws.

Ch.Ravi Kumar, Dr.D.Nageswara Rao, Dr.M.S.Narayana

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