Time an Unveiled Dimension in Engineering Practice | Abstract

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Time an Unveiled Dimension in Engineering Practice


Length –Breadth and Height are the basic dimensions of the object in Nature. According to some scientists and researchers time could be considered as fourth dimension; however this has not universally accepted. A confused state is there about the time. Some scholars are ready to accept is as the fourth dimension while the other side is denying it. However when we are thinking about Engineering practices, the significance of time cannot be ignored .There are various concepts in all the streams of Engineering and technology which are based on time. Especially when we are talking about derivative(i.e. rate of change of a variable with respect to time), we are using it in various fields of Engineering, eg .flow rate of water ,change in temperature of body with respect to time .The life of ball bearing is also calculated in the terms of hours. In the reliability analysis we are calculating MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures).Though these are theories are explaining the utility of time factor ,still it is an unpredictable element due to uncertainty. Just like mathematically you can calculate the life of ball bearing, but it is just a prediction in practical the life of ball bearing may not be same as the calculated figure. The failure can occur earlier or after the calculated figure. This paper is based on the significance and utility of the time in Engineering practice and its unpredictability.

Prof.C.G.Harge, Prof.A.A.Kumbhojkar, Prof.A.P.Shrotri,A.R.Dandekar

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