X-Ray Lung Image Enhancement by Spatial Filtering | Abstract

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X-Ray Lung Image Enhancement by Spatial Filtering


The problem with lung radiological imaging techniques such as CT, HRCT, MRI and X-Ray is that, it is not that easy for the Physicians to detect most of the major diseases related with the lungs just by visualizing image, although in some cases it is possible, but till that time diseases has reached the next stage. The problem with images is that at a time, they may be blurred, out of focus, improperly bright and noisy, which makes the examination more difficult. One more problem is the pixel intensity level, which is same for the tissues. One of the solutions to all above problems can be image Enhancement, although it does not give us the assurance of high quality outcomes. Image Enhancement methods are broadly categorized into spatial and frequency domain [9]. Spatial domain is our subject of concerned.

Kale Vaishanw G

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