Zone Partition Based Routing Protocol In MANET | Abstract

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Zone Partition Based Routing Protocol In MANET


Mobile ad hoc networks use anonymous routing protocol that hide sender receiver location and routes from outside attackers and also gives anonymity protection of wireless network. However, existing anonymous routing protocols mainly based on hop-byhop encryption or redundant traffic, but it’s generate high cost and cannot provide full anonymity protection. To offer high anonymity protection, we propose a zone partition based routing protocol. Zone partition based routing protocol dynamically partitions the entire network field into zones and randomly select nodes in zone as intermediate relay nodes, it’s form a no traceable anonymous route. Zones contain nodes varies during packet transmissions, so outside observers cannot find packet transmission path. Unfortunately sometime outside observer find sender, receiver locations and route, so this project also proposed neighbor coverage based probabilistic rebroadcast protocol. This protocol correctly indentify attacker’s node and preventing from outside attackers. These protocols offer high anonymity protection of entire wireless network. It also effectively prevents the intersection and timing attacks.

M.Priya, S.Vasantmohan

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