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2022: Volume 4, Issue 2

Review Article:  J Clin Resp
Immunity against COVID-19: What Do We Know So Far? A Comprehensive Review on the Immunity Against COVID-19
Mohamad Bahij Moumneh1,3, Ghassan Dbaibo1,2, Darine Daher4, Tarek Bou Dargham1,3*, Christine Atallah3, Rana El Hajj4, Lina Reslan1,4, Zeina Bayram5, Abdul Rahman Bizri
Editorial:  J Clin Resp
The TSANZ Position Paper on Respiratory Surveillance: Even One Case of Pneumoconiosis is Too Much?
Debora H Yates*
Commentary:  J Clin Resp
Synoptic Description of Tuberculosis and its Co-infection in HIV Patients
Meesso Ussa*
Commentary:  J Clin Resp
COVID-19 Effect on Public Health and Policy Makers in India
Kim Jung Seok*
Commentary:  J Clin Resp
COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak and the Agencies Involvement in Taking Measures
Hung Suek Jim*