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2024: Volume 13, Issue 1

Review Article:  RRJ Med Health Sci
Surgical Considerations and Complications in Aesthetic Bichat's Fat Pad Removal: A Literature Review
Alejandro León, Igor Mariotto Beneti, Katty Rios
Commentary:  JMAHS
Cellular Responses to DNA Damage: Integrating Autophagy and DNA Repair Pathways for Survival or Death
Gillian Lipsey*
Commentary:  RRJ Med Health Sci
Circulating Tumour Cell Assays Current Developments and Clinical Implications
Phoebe Patton*
Commentary:  RRJ Med Health Sci
Promoting Health Equity through Equitable Access to Paediatric Cancer Care
Quinn Romero*
Opinion Article:  RRJ Med Health Sci
Unravelling the Spectrum of Traumatic Brain Injury From Epidemiology to Rehabilitation A Comprehensive Analysis
Abbott Atkinson*
Opinion Article:  RRJ Med Health Sci
Advancements and Applications of Ablative Therapy A Comprehensive Summary about Oncology Cardiology and Pain Management
Quinn Simonds*
Commentary:  RRJ Med Health Sci
Universal Health Coverage and Beyond Resolving Inequalities and Adopting Technological Progress in the Healthcare Sector
Ted Anderson*
Perspective Article:  RRJ Med Health Sci
Immune Deregulation and Clinical Heterogeneity in Multiple Sclerosis
Fern Reid*