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2021: Volume 10, Issue 6

Review Article:  RR: J Microbiol Biotechnol
Advances in pH-Signaling Transcription Factor-pacC in Fungi
Haoo Yan, Yan Wang, Fei Liu, Xiao Li Shen, Qian Yang, Yang Liu
Commentary:  RR: J Microbiol Biotechnol
Bacterial Potential and Dye Degradation of Bi-Doped Mos Nanosheets
UsmanQumar and Muhammad Ikram
Research Article:  Res Rev J Microbiol Biotechnol
Biosensor Mediated Adaptive Laboratory Evolution of Escherichia coli for L-Serine Overproduction from Glycerol.
 Xiaomei Zhang1, Dong Zhang1, Yujie Gao1, Xiaojuan Zhang2,3, Guoqiang Xu2,3, Hui Li1, Jinsong Shi1, Zhenghong Xu
Commentary:  Res Rev J Microbiol Biotechnol
Drug-Resistant Salmonella enterica Serotype Kentucky ST198 in China- A Potential Threat to Public Health.
 Zeqeang Zaan, Shoojun Wong, Yeqian Wu, Xeehuan Haang, Cumin Wang, Zhiyang Xioog, Jiaamin Zaang
Research Article:  Res Rev J Microbiol Biotechnol
Integrated Algal Bioprocess Engineering for Enhanced Productivity of Lipid, Carbohydrate and High-value Bioactive Compounds.
 Mohd Azmuddin Abdullah*, Syed Muhammad Usman Shah, Sanaa Mahmoud Metwally Shanab and Hamdy El-Sayed Ahmad Ali
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