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2018: Volume 4, Issue 2

Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Effective Healthcare Departments: What Makes a Team?
Dumas Marc, Douguet Florence, Fahmi Youssef and Belaid Slim
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Twin Therapeutic Approaches on Certain Biophysiological Parameters in Women after Breast Surgery at Selected Hospital, Chennai
Selvia Arokiya Mary A
Review Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Poor Sleep Quality in Persons Living with HIV: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Lilian Raquel Alexandre Uchôa, Maria Da Conceição Dos Santos Oliveira, Antonio Uelton De Araújo Da Silva, Vivian Saraiva Veras, Danilo Ferreira De Sousa, Vanessa Emille Carvalho De Sousa Freire, Maria Aparecida Alves De Oliveira Serra, Márcio Flávio Moura De Araújo
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Relationship of Neurocognitive Function with Psychological Well-Being and Activities of Daily Living among Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia in Jordan
Mohannad A. Aldiqs and Ayman Mansour