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Maly Josef

Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove
Charles University in Prague
Czech Republic 


He was Born in November 4, 1953, he lives in Carlsbad. In the years 1969 - 1973 he studied Gymnasium Lovosice and then joined the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, where he graduated in 1978.

Between 1978 - 1990 he worked Josef small as operations engineer, chief operating officer and technical development of lignite mines and fuel plants Sokolov. From 1990 until the year. 1998 was the deputy director for economics of the distribution plant Carlsbad ZCE, Inc.

In the early 90s he joined the Czechoslovak People's Party, for which in 1998 he became deputy mayor of the town of Karlovy Vary and he was to r. 2002. Since 2006, Josef small member of the Supervisory Board of Airport Karlovy Vary Ltd., since 2009 is its chairman.

In the years 2002 - 2010 Vice Chairman Karlovarská teplárenská, as, from 2000 until now has been a councilor and a member of the Karlovy Vary Region and since 2008 deputy chairman of the Finance Committee.

In the years 2001 - 2010 Joseph Small acts as vice president of the Association of Municipalities Euregio Egrensis, since 2007 a member of the Monitoring Committee of the Regional Operational Programme of the Northwest region, and in 2009 became a member of the Local Steering Committee Objective 3 (Czech - Saxony).

Research Interest

 Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharma research, Clinical research