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Shruthi BN

Department of Anatomy, Rajarajeswari Medical College, Kombipura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Dr. Shruthi B.N ,MBBS , MD (Anatomy) Undergone TOT she is Associate Professor in Department of Anatomy, she has Experience of 8 years 6 Months, Specialization in Anatomy and she has Memberships in Life member of KCA , ASI & IMA she has Research and Papers Cadaveric study of dimensions of human adult tricuspid valve & the attachment of chordae tendinae, Determination of gestational age after 28weeks of pregnancy by fetal kidney length And Publications Correlation of caliber of main renal artery with that of accessory renal artery , Precaval Right Renal Artery- A Case Report , Unilateral Entrapment Of The Renal Artery By Diaphragmatic Crus , Promonteric Position Of Vermiform Appendix And Its Vasculature


Research Interest

Vermiform appendix, Promontericpostion of appendix, Variation in appendicular arteries, Mesoappendix