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Russell Craig

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

School of Life & Health Sciences

Aston University






She always had a strong interest in science and in particular human biology, health and disease and the associated interventions. Her undergraduate degree in Human Biology mapped onto this interest and included molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and physiology modules among others, which would carry relevance in the physiology and pharmacology setting she progressed into.She further developed my knowledge and bolstered my interest in these fields during her PhD. During that period, formulation of oral liquid antihypertensives formed the initial stages of her project; here an understanding of the chemical and physical properties of drug molecules as well as drug action on a molecular level in a physiological setting was essential. In vitro and In vivo characterisation of developed formulations utilising cell and rodent based models paved the way for subsequent genomic investigations into intestinal transporter expression profiling using microarray technology and bioinformatics. Cell culture played a key role during a spin off project which she have been developing in parallel with the main path of research which has seen the isolation and characterisation of a novel primary cell line aimed at delineation of gustatory sensation.

Research Interest

in vivo drug absorption modelling, drug development pipeline,