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Articles in press and Articles in process

Perspective Article:  RRDD
The Process of Drug Development from Discovery to Market
Emily Cooper*
Research Article:  JDD
Multidrug Loaded Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrospun and Fabrication of Controlled Drug Delivery for Breast Cancer
Prabhakar Orsu, Lavanya Vasavi
Mini Review:  Res Rev Drug Deliv
Multi-Unit Particulate Systems for Rapid Formulation Development of New Chemical Entities
Abdul Khader Mohammad
Short Communication:  RRDD
Different Routes of Administration and Pulmonary Drug Delivery Systems
Ahmetaj Shala*
Review Article:  Research & Reviews: Drug Delivery
A Systematic Review on Wound Healing and Traditional Wound Care Management
 Dinesh Kumar*, Vivek
Research Article:   Drug Deliv
Quality by Design-A Trending Aspect for Pharmaceutical Product Development
Anwar Khan, Sabir Alam, Rupa Gupta, Rizwanul Hasan, Mohini Chaurasia, Mohsin Ali Khan
Editorial:  RRDD
Role of Nanoparticles in the Drug Delivery Systems
Robert Ting CAI
Review Article:  Drug Deliver
A Review on the Pharmacological Properties of Medicinal Plants Effective in the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Past 20 Years
Hamid Reza Farzin*, Zahra Irvani, Mehrnaz Mehrabni, Reza Toroghi, Malihe Motavasselian