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Ali Yawar Alam

Ali Yawar Alam

Ali Yawar Alam
Director Project Management Office
Directorate of Health Affairs
Ministry of Health
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 00966542318776



Target driven, results oriented with a firm commitment to make a difference in Strategic Management including strategic planning, execution (Implementation, monitoring & evaluation) and strategic audit of activities/strategies, with a focus on change management, behavioral change management and provision of high class services to patients and healthcare clients in accordance with International quality and patient safety standards. Currently I am working as Director of Project Management Office in the Strategic Management Office in the Directorate of Health Affairs Alahsa, Ministry of health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am the resource person for Project management of the projects within the Alahsa health strategic plan plan for medium term (3 years) within the Directorate of Health Affairs, Alahsa (Governorate in Eastern Province), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The three year strategic plan has 8 domains including Medical services coverage (building of new hospitals, trauma centre, cancer hospital, primary health care units, dental centre and specialized clinical units in tertiary health care centres), human resource development, quality of care and patient safety, client satisfaction, structure & administrative systems, media affairs, E-health and utilization of resources. The job entails monitoring & evaluation, collaboration and meeting teams, trouble shooting, training of managers on project management, communication & reporting. Previously I was working as the Chief of Strategic Planning Unit in King Fahad Hospital Hofuf (KFHH)as well as Technical Assistant to the Hospital Director, KFHH, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Research Interest

Strategic Management including strategic planning, execution and strategic audit (Triangulation) o Project Management o Risk Management of projects o Risk Management in healthcare o Prioritization of strategies o Balanced score card development for performance measurement o Training in project management for stake-holders (IPEC = Initiation, planning, Execution and Closure) o Development of Departmental Performance indicators o Developing M&E frameworks o Health services Research & evaluation o Leadership training/Operational plans development o Conducting Patient Tracer/System Tracer o Monitoring of compliance to JCI standards

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