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Dr. Mukul Das

Dr. Mukul Das

Dr. Mukul Das
Chief Scientist 
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research



Dr. Mukul Das is a Chief Scientist & Area Coordinator of Food, Drugs and Chemical Toxicology Division at CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow. He did his B.Sc. in 1976 from Lucknow Christian College and M Sc in Biochemistry during 1978 from Lucknow University. Subsequently he joined Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow as CSIR Merit Research fellow for his Ph.D degree. From 1982-1986 he worked as Post Doctoral Fellow at Wayne State University, Detroit; and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA. He has widely travelled the globe including Finland, Denmark, England, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Canada and USA, for international scientific interactions and attending conferences.


Research Interest

Chemical carcinogenesis, Xenobiotic biotransformation with reference to toxication and detoxifation mechanisms, Toxicity of food adulterants and contaminants, Nanotoxicology