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Marilyn Wideman

Marilyn Wideman

Marilyn Wideman
Department of Community Systems and Mental Health Nursing
College of Nursing
Rush University
United States

Tel: 312-942-7013



Marilyn Wideman, DNP, RN-BC, FAAN, is a Professor at Rush University College of Nursing, Associate Provost of Professional Education and Community Engagement and Associate Vice President of Community Healthcare Practice. Dr. Wideman’s experience is in areas of psychiatric and community nursing, at-risk populations, administration and program development. Dr. Wideman’s work has focused on academic, community, and service partnerships that blend practice, teaching, and research to develop innovative models of health care for at-risk populations. These models are designed to promote the health of diverse populations by bringing care to people where they live, learn and work. Her novel health care programs have enhanced access and outcomes for underserved individuals, families and communities and provide exposure to new models of care for Rush’s interprofessional health care students. Her work has been replicated by others and has won national and international recognition through awards and practice innovation recognition by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.


Research Interest

Community health needs assessment, Service learning, Underserved populations, Community Health, Administration, Program development.