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University of Foggia
Phone: 0039 0881 589303



PASQUALE RUSSO did his PhD on Management of Innovation in the Agriculture and Food Systems of the Mediterranean Region. Thesis: “Development of innovative systems for the identification and monitoring of Listeria monocytogenes in fresh-cut products”, at University of Foggia. Pasquale Russo was founded in the framework on BIAMFOOD, “Controlling biogenic amines in traditional food fermentations in regional Europe”, (7th Framework Programme);RABiVin, “Reduction of biogenic amines typical regional wines QUAFETY, “Comprehensive approach to enhance quality and safety of ready to eat fresh products”, (7th Framework Programme);Pro.Ali.Fun., “Innovative technological and clinical protocols to produce functional foods”, (Programma Operativo Nazionale PASS-WORLD, “Formulation of an innovativ functional pasta enriched with bioactive and prebiotic compounds”, (Made in Italy – Industria 2015 OenoMicroManagement, “Analysis of the antifungal activity in LAB strains isolated from wine”, (P.I.F. Nero di Troia wine).


Research Interest

Design of autochtonous starter cultures tailored for traditional, typical and artisanal fermented foods.  Characterization of the probiotic aptitude of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) by using in vitro and in vivo (zebrafish) model.  Selection of natural overproducing riboflavin LAB strains for the in situ bio-fortification of fermented foods and fresh cut fruits.  Lactic Acid Bacteria with antimicrobial activity to enhance safety and shelf life of fermented foods.  Formulation of new functional foods.  Production and control of biogenic amines in fermented foods.  Detection and control of Listeria monocytogenes in ready to eat products.  Metagenomic, proteomic, and comparative genomic.  Gene regulation under abiotic stress in microorganisms of industrial interest.