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CEO, President and Founder
Neurodon LLC
United States



Dr. Dahl is CEO, President, and Founder of Neurodon LLC. Neurodon is developing breakthrough therapies for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, having recently discovered small molecules that show efficacy in animal models for both diseases. In addition to his leadership at Neurodon, Dr. Dahl also currently serves as a Director of a specialty biotechnology company in New York and a consulting Global Vice President of an international drug discovery company in China. Previously, he led all small molecule drug discovery efforts for Celladon Corporation, a clinical-stage public biotechnology company. Prior to his pursuit of entrepreneurial drug discovery, Dr. Dahl held multiple leadership roles in Big Pharma, including stints at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. During his tenure here, he contributed to the discovery of multiple clinical drug candidates for all major diseases. A prolific multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial scientist, he has also founded or been involved in the founding of multiple startup biotech companies. Dr. Dahl has also held a post as a tenure track professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug discovery at a prestigious medical school and is a highly regarded lecturer. Dr. Dahl has co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed manuscripts and is an inventor on over 20 patents in therapeutics and chemistry. In his spare time, Dr. Dahl is an ardent admirer of Wrightian architecture, both pre- and post-Prairie School, having himself incorporated Usonian design philosophies in his private residence. A multi-instrumentalist, Dr. Dahl enjoys listening to and playing music from the Baroque and Post-modern time periods.


Research Interest

Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutics

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