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Dhiraj Vasant Bhavsar

Dhiraj Vasant Bhavsar

Assistant Professor                                                                  
Department of Botany,                                                           
Shri Anand College, Pathardi.                                                  
Ahmednagar, (MH), India





I am currently working as an associate professor at Shri Anand College, Pathardi (MH), which is my native place. At Indian Institute of Technology with Dr. Jayandharan Rao I worked for post-doctoral experience where the area focus was Adeno associate viruses and nano particle hybrid gene delivery system for leukemia. At Centre for Nanotechnology and Advanced Biomaterials, SASTRA University, Thanjavur, India. Under the supervision of Prof. K. Uma Maheswari, Assistant Dean School of chemical and biotechnology I completed my Ph.D. and thesis titled was “Targeted liposomal si-RNA delivery against EpCAM expressing epithelial cancers” During my PhD I was JRF and SRF in the Department of Biotechnology and Indian Council for Medical Research, government of India funded project respectively. The major part of the thesis work have published in SCI index journal and have received adequate attention from scientific community.


Research Interest

Hybrid gene and drug System